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Letter From Adam


Dear Parents and Students,

In my more than 5,000 hours of tutoring, I have learned so much about teaching and the state of math and science education in our society. One thing that continues to stand out to me is the untapped potential in every single student to learn and succeed in math and science. I have come across countless students who are sure they lack aptitude in these subjects, only to discover that, with a different approach, they are actually outstanding in math and science!

Tutoring reveals the full potential in every student. The most common scenario follows: All students start school knowing relatively little about math and science. At some point, certain students begin to excel because the instruction received resonates with their learning style and the way their minds are naturally structured. The critical point here is that students excel if the teacher is a good fit for them - it is all about that fit. Because math is such a cumulative subject, the more you know, the easier it becomes to learn. So these students continue to excel, widening the gap in comprehension between them and their classmates. All this time, the classmate who is equally brilliant has learned relatively little simply because the instruction style wasn't a good fit from the beginning. These students have hidden mathematic and scientific aptitude just waiting to be discovered. All that is required to unlock this potential is a teacher who resonates with them. 

Tutoring is different than learning in the classroom because it is all about you, the student! Because the tutor is can focus 100% on your needs, you can begin to make the progress that you weren't able to make in class. Here at Adam Wes Academics, we teach in a way that speaks directly to the student, to their current state of mathematical and scientific comprehension, and to the unique framework of the student's mind. 

We hope that you contact us, so that we may help you realize the full potential in yourself or your student!


Adam Wes

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